Sunday, March 6, 2016

2015 In Review: Part 1

We are now in our third month of 2016, but I still think it is an ok idea to review 2015. It was a crazy year for me. With some pictures, let us look back at 2015. This will be a very picture heavy post, enjoy!

It  started out with multiple attempts to get my visa at the Korean Embassy
Then on Febuary 21, 2015, I left for Spouth Korea on a 15 hour plane ride.

I saw the sun seting for hours because we were chasing it in the plane as we flew.

From there I took an hour long taxi to Yonsei University

The smog was very bad that day.

I tried sweet potato pizza for the first time.

After getting lost, I finally found my university.

I explored traditional homes.

I took awkward pictures by beautiful landmarks.

I learned what a mega city meant.

I went to a skyscraper cafe!

Experienced art

I walked down foriegn ally ways.

Danced in puublic.

I played soccer with people from over 9 different countries!

Met some celebrities, kinda.

I released my inner nerd!

I found bridges both personaly and litteraly. 

Cherry Blossoms!

I visited cool temples, and touch the pacific ocean for the first time.

Enjoyed new heights on the Nam-sang Tower. 

I enjoyed a fantastic school festival that lasted a week.

I met a nice budist monk.

I made a dream come true......

and it was beautiful!

I climbed another tall tower!

Took classes at a forign institute!

I went island hopping.

I also found ruins of an ancient korean naval defense fortress.

I climbed a volcano.

I went to a theme park just outside of Seol. 

This was........

....... another dream come true!

I also forged to start off my final year at college.

To be continued..........................

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