Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Dreamers Will Dream

Ok, today I am going to address a question that has been popping up these last few months. That question  being, "Ryen, why do you do it? Why do you want to travel so much?" The only response to that is why not. If the opportunity to experience something new comes my way, I will not shy from it. This could be described as fool-hardy, reckless, risky, or even naivety. Those allegations may not

be incorrect. Many of my choices do have plenty of risk involved. I might even be naive when it comes to certain things, but one thing I won't be is ignorant. I will be filled with such knowledge and understanding that can never be achieved by sitting still in the U.S. God was a creative and innovative creator. Some who read this may not be Christian and that is ok, but hear my plea. GO AND SEE THIS BEAUTIFUL WORLD! My faith has only made this place a more wonderful creation. Through the looking glass that is the Gospel, I see hope for this world. Why would I not want to see that world up close?!

If you are thinking about being a traveler, understand one thing........... you should not go only for the site seeing aspect! Those who have traveled their fair share would agree. The main reason to go to a place should not be the place, but it should be that place's people. Without people, there can never be culture. Without the culture there would never be any of those pretty buildings and temples. Mind you, those things are fantastic to visit and see, but what is the point if you miss the people who made history history. Yes, the Great Wall is amazing, but what about those who died building it? What is their story? Where are their descendants? Was it worth the sacrifice? If all you do at these historic sites is take pictures, than you have missed the point entirely, and should not be there in the first place. So please, please do not be just another shallow tourist! Being one only makes a mockery of the places you visit. Instead, where ever it is you travel, go there with the mindset of wanting to be part of the story taking place. Trust me, if you do this, the experience you take with you will feel genuine and fulfilling. You will make true friends in other, far off lands, and you will be part of their stories wich turn into their history. I may only be a footnote in the places I have been, but the people I have met and the things I have seen is an incredible part of me. They are now parts of my stories, and will be part of my legacy.

It is my belief that we are all meant to be travelers in our own way. If that is only walking to the person 2 feet away from you, then may that be a great journey. However, if you are called to cross oceans and cultures, my friend it is indeed a noble calling. Though that calling may be great, know this truth very well. It will call you to make sacrifices of yourself and those in whom you care about. Your time is not your time. To travel is to be selfless. The truth is, if your calling is to make such large leaps of faith, then you must understand that you welcome hardship. This is just something that comes with the territory. I can unpack this all day, but I think I will leave this for another post.

In an upcoming post I will cover my various inspirations, but that will take some time to shift through if I am honest.

To travel, love, serve and to embrace this world through the Gospel is my calling. What is your's?

P.S. Share your calling down below with a hand drawn picture! Let's get creative now guys! As always I love you guys!

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  1. hi son i am reading your blog i am praying for you and i look forward to reading more be well love dad