Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Moment Finally Came

       When we as humans go through a major change, we don't fully realize the situation until a few days after arrival. Well this realization finally hit me, but before I go through that, allow me to catch you up. I am doing well. They tell me it will start warming up any day now, but that has yet to be seen. Classes are great, and the proffs are not half bad either. I found a church family and an international campus ministry! That is pretty cool. I walk quite a bit, and this is not a flat campus as ODU is. Hills are everywhere! you cannot escape them. I guess it will help my efforts for getting in shape. Thank you for all the prayers and support. I think I finally got over jet lag. It was very hard this time. I still get very confused on how to read signs, but I am now learning proper Korean! Well that is a QUICK update but I really wanted to get to the main topic I wanted to talk about.
       Last weekend I went with some new friends to a place called Sinchon. Here is where people go to eat great food and just have fun with friends. It was fantastic! I enjoyed some good food, and we went to a Korean styled karaoke! It six of us in this room singing badly but with no shame. I have not had this much fun in awhile. In that moment, time seemed to slow down. While the others were singing away, I came to an interesting realization. "Holy crap! I am in South Korea!" This was the thought that occurred to me. You could say, "Ryen, you have been there for 2 weeks now." You would be correct, but that does not really mean anything. What matters is that I am now understanding just how incredible my situation is. I am going to university in South Korea! It was a moment in wich a much needed reality check was presented.

       This was good for me to experience. I understand that this would normally come much earlier, but this time was different for a reason I could not pin point. Then it hit me. I was just going to school. It did not feel very different because I was in the mindset of going to school. It was just another semester for me. It sounds dumb, but it is actually a routine i have gotten into. Every fall and spring I get ready for more school. However, this moment of reality helped me understand that this was way more than just a simple semester. This was an adventure like no other. Finally, my mind is ready to take this on!

I know this post was short. I have another coming out soon. I has just taken some time to work on it. Thank you for reading!

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